CPAClub Launches CPA Matchmaking and Opens Award-Winning Membership Model to Private and Public Companies

Innovative Approach Connects Businesses with Expert CPA Firms and Solves Accounting and Audit Challenges Caused by Talent Crisis

Irvine, CA – January 17, 2024 – CPAClub™, an Accounting Today Top New Product, today introduced groundbreaking solutions designed to transform the landscape of accounting, advisory, audit and assurance services for private and public companies. Drawing inspiration from the customer-centric and digital experiences offered by modern companies, CPAClub was driven to address the profession’s staffing shortages and streamline outdated processes by upending the traditional CPA firm model. 

CPAClub now offers flexible and fractional outsourced accounting, technical accounting and advisory solutions as well as audit and assurance matchmaking for both private and public companies through its innovative approach. The extension of its award-winning model redefines how businesses access essential CPA talent, while the new matchmaking platform modernizes the search for solutions, bridging a critical gap in the market. 

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges 

Corporate accounting and internal audit departments are navigating an increasingly complex and high-pressure business environment. As standards evolve and regulatory demands intensify, the competition for skilled accountants, advisors and auditors has reached new heights. Traditional CPA and consulting firms’ approaches have become outdated and ineffective. CPAClub steps in as a lifeline, now offering organizations its unique membership model that provides on-demand access through user-friendly technology to address staffing shortages, delayed financial reporting and compliance risks.

“The enthusiastic response to our flexible accounting and assurance solutions from over 120 CPA firms of all sizes confirmed that our innovative membership model fulfilled a critical need and continues to do so. Recognizing that the talent crisis does not solely affect CPA firms, we decided to open the doors up to both private and public companies as this is directly aligned with our mission to make the CPA world better,” explains Chris Vanover, president of CPAClub and recently named as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting by Accounting Today. 

Redefining How Companies Discover and Experience Audit and Assurance Services 

CPAClub is more than just a solution for addressing the challenges of maintaining accounting, advisory and assurance talent for CPA firms and companies. It has revolutionized the traditional and time-consuming process of sourcing external public accounting firms for audit and other assurance services. In a landscape where private companies, employee benefit plans, entrepreneurial startups, government agencies, nonprofits and various organizations struggle to secure qualified auditors for their financial statements, CPAClub now serves as the matchmaker.

In its expanding network, exclusive CPA member firms have pledged to follow CPAClub’s unique pricing and concierge service approach, excelling in delivering audit and assurance services through seasoned professionals all while prioritizing their people, offering four-day year-round workweeks and innovative compensation methods. With CPAClub, companies are expertly matched with the ideal partner for their audit and assurance needs, each of which is committed to the following anchors: 

  • Alternative CPAs: Favor entrepreneurship and solutions over pyramids and billable hours. 
  • Member Experience: Five-star experience with transparent pricing and member empowerment. 
  • People & Quality First: People and quality take precedence over partners and profits. 
  • Extensive Expertise: Community of capable CPAs, not recent college graduates. 
  • Concierge Connection: Commitments honored and concierge communication. 
  • Transformative Technology: Advanced cloud-based technology to streamline solutions. 

Modernized Membership Experience 

Becoming a CPAClub member is as straightforward as any modern online shopping experience. Companies navigate through a simple digital platform with transparent pricing, select the membership tier that suits them best, choose their preferred start date and are under contract within minutes. This reimagined approach ensures a seamless onboarding experience and member journey by shifting the focus from traditional billable hour inputs to delivering valuable solution outputs. Solutions are tailored to each company’s unique needs, offering an active choice in privileges, priorities, pass options and even opportunities to share in creative rewards based on member commitment. 

To become a member or learn more, CPA firms and businesses can visit

About CPAClub

CPAClub is transforming how CPA firms and companies meet accounting, advisory, audit and other assurance requirements by turning the traditional model upside down. Backed by a licensed accountancy corporation based in the United States and registered with the PCAOB, CPAClub offers onshore accounting, advisory, audit and other assurance solutions to top 10, regional and local CPA firms and companies throughout the United States and abroad via its award-winning membership and matchmaking model. Learn more at


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