5 Reasons External Auditing Is a Smart Career Choice

A public accountant can help you determine the most appropriate business structure, analyze your business plan for financial compatibility, and advise you on the best decisions to maximize your finances. For that reason, careers in public accounting are on the rise. Here are five reasons to choose external auditing as a career.

1. You’ll Have Job Security

For starters, the demand for external auditors is high. As more companies adapt to ESG criteria, they’ll need auditors to guide their journey toward greater efficiency and transparency.

Companies are also concerned about managing risk and complying with other regulatory issues. This is true for many businesses, particularly banking institutions, insurance providers, healthcare systems, and financial service providers.

Auditing careers can include entry-level auditors, risk assessment specialists, and audit managers. Seasoned veterans can work in positions such as finance director or chief financial officer (CFO).

2. You’ll Receive Competitive Pay

Many choose a career path in the financial sector for its competitive pay, and that’s also why an external auditing career is a smart choice. The average salary for an external auditor is currently $60,230, but that number rises once you consider the capacity to climb the corporate ladder.

An executive-level position — such as a finance director or CFO — will easily bring in six figures, and candidates will find themselves more than capable of competing in today’s job market.

3. You’ll Fill a Skills Gap

For most industries, auditing is highly dependent on technology and data analytical skills. But legacy financial professionals often lack the technical skills to master the new realm of corporate analytics.

The best external auditing careers will go to candidates who embody business and technical skills – those who can analyze data effectively while possessing the soft skills needed for communication and workplace collaboration.

4. You’ll Gain New Skills

External auditors will also gain new skills during their career journey. For example, auditing alone will allow financial professionals to hone their data processing abilities.

But because external auditors occupy an increasingly important area, they’ll also have opportunities to refine their communication skills and become better at helping managers and coworkers understand their roles in the regulatory process.

5. You’ll Find a Better Work-Life Balance

Careers in finance are always well-suited to hybrid or remote work. External auditing professionals can rely on cloud-based solutions and telecommunications to perform the bulk of their work from home, sometimes even on their own schedule.

While the demand for communication and collaboration prevents these positions from being fully remote, external auditors can still enjoy the flexibility of a hybrid work schedule. This may be especially attractive to young professionals or working parents.

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