AuditClub Unveils AuditClub Ally to Align Audit and Accounting Professionals

AuditClub Ally establishes alliance program to advance AuditClub’s mission to make accounting and auditing better

Irvine, CA – August 9, 2023 – AuditClub®, the Audit Service Center for CPA firms and companies, today announced a new alliance model designed to connect tax and non-attest accountants with AuditClub One assurance professionals to improve service delivery options to clients.

“In the midst of an unprecedented talent shortage gripping our profession, private companies are struggling to find a trusted auditor and often turn to their tax or non-attest accounting firm for guidance,” says Brian Yujuico, vice president and senior chief auditor of AuditClub. “However, such firms who do not hold a CPA license cannot currently offer assurance or other attest services. AuditClub Ally solves for this constraint by leveraging an AuditClub One partner firm that can be called upon to provide such services to these clients.”

Introduced in early 2023, AuditClub One is a game-changing model designed to address the growing challenges faced by the CPA pipeline problem. AuditClub One offers CPAs an entirely new career path, enabling them to leverage their credentials more swiftly than in a traditional large firm and to enjoy the rewards of entrepreneurship without the risks and complexities of starting from scratch. CPAs who join AuditClub One benefit from a highly autonomous ability to build client relationships and manage delivery of assurance services, with a proven playbook and a path to achieve their own personal and professional goals in a faster and more fulfilling way.

Wyatt Kneaper, CEO of Lighthouse Accounting Group, LLC, expressed enthusiasm about his firm’s collaboration, stating, “Not only is this a great opportunity to support the AuditClub mission, but it’s also a strategic and defensive business position for our firm. We’re thrilled to find an optimal solution for our clients where all parties align for the broader benefit of the profession and our clients. As an AuditClub Ally, Lighthouse enjoys an expanded network. I can confidently recommend our AuditClub One partner, who can provide assurance services to existing and potential clients. As a result, Lighthouse has become a one-stop shop for all accounting related services.”

AuditClub provides a robust infrastructure to its assisted entrepreneurs with cutting-edge technology and tools, complemented by a team of seasoned chief auditors and skilled crew. This comprehensive support system ensures that every AuditClub One member provides exceptional service and delivers solutions that meet the highest-quality professional standards for private companies. In turn, both the AuditClub One practitioner and AuditClub Ally have rewarding opportunities, including the ability to benefit charitable causes focused on education and income generation.

By joining forces with Lighthouse Accounting Group and other AuditClub Ally partners, AuditClub strengthens its commitment to advancing the accounting and auditing profession. Together, they aim to create a more vibrant and interconnected community that empowers both non-CPAs and CPAs to team together and create a more seamless and unified approach to accounting and assurance services.

AuditClub invites individuals, organizations and accounting firms to join the movement and collectively contribute to making accounting and auditing better for everyone involved.

To join the movement, contact AuditClub to inquire about AuditClub Ally.

About AuditClub

AuditClub is transforming how CPA firms and companies deliver audit and assurance services by turning their traditional staffing model upside down. Backed by a licensed accountancy corporation based in the United States and registered with the PCAOB, AuditClub provides on-demand AICPA and PCAOB audit and assurance support to top 10, regional and local CPA firms and companies throughout the United States and abroad via its subscription access model. AuditClub services include support for audit and assurance, quality management, regulatory matters, training and transformation. Learn more at

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