AuditClub and AuditFile Combine Audit Software with Audit Talent

New AuditFile software feature helps firms connect with AuditClub fractional auditors to complete audits and reviews under tight deadlines

IRVINE, Calif. and WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Feb. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AuditClub™, the Audit Service Center, and AuditFile, developer of the award-winning cloud-based audit automation platform, announced today a collaboration that combines audit technology with fractional auditors to ease the challenges faced by CPA firms and internal audit teams in performing audits and reviews.

AuditFile is a secure cloud-based solution that helps CPA firms and internal audit teams perform efficient audits, reviews and compilations. AuditClub provides flexible, on-demand audit and assurance resource solutions to CPA firms and companies through a weekly subscription model.

The first step in the collaboration is the addition of a new feature in AuditFile software that allows firms to connect directly with AuditClub. Streamlined access to subscribe to auditors-as-a-service within the AuditFile software gives CPA firms and companies the means to quickly scale up personnel by bolting on U.S. auditors to deliver solutions for audit and assurance engagements, quality control activities or even AICPA or PCAOB regulatory support.

“CPA firms and internal audit teams are facing a severe talent shortage, and our collaborative solution combines efficient workflows with fractional and trusted talent,” says Chris Vanover, CEO and chief auditor at AuditClub. “Our auditors-as-a-service model brings firms instant and flexible access to our U.S. team of chief auditors and crew to support audit needs without investing time and effort to hire and train an expensive partner, director, manager or staff. AuditClub brings strength in numbers and extensive credentials to deliver and execute in key areas that matter most to CPA firms and internal audit teams.”

“Our goal is to deliver easy-to-use cloud-based tools that give accounting professionals the ability to perform efficient audits, reviews and compilations,” says Steven Bong, founder and CEO of AuditFile. “Our partnership with AuditClub offers firms a more complete solution, combining both the technology and access to auditors at all experience levels that will allow CPA firms and companies to deliver high-quality results on time.”

The two organizations have also aligned behind a common goal to advance quality management and compliance with the AICPA Statement on Quality Management Standards that go into effect in December 2025 and the PCAOB’s proposed quality control standard.

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About AuditClub

AuditClub is transforming how CPA firms and companies deliver audit and assurance services by turning their traditional staffing model upside down. A licensed accountancy corporation based in the United States and registered with the PCAOB, AuditClub provides on-demand AICPA and PCAOB audit and assurance support to top 10, regional and local CPA firms and companies throughout the United States via its subscription access model. AuditClub services include support for audit and assurance, quality control, regulatory matters, training and transformation. Learn more at

About AuditFile

Founded by CPAs in 2011, AuditFile, Inc. delivered the profession’s first completely cloud-based audit automation solution to help firms of all sizes perform audits more efficiently and effectively. AuditFile is designed to give auditors a simple, yet sophisticated solution that combines workpaper and trial balance management, audit workflow and methodology in an open platform that easily integrates with the firm’s existing programs and technology environment. For more information, visit

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