Accounting Today Names AuditClub a 2023 Top New Product

by Chris Gaetano, Daniel Hood, Danielle Lee

Feb. 10, 2023 (ACCOUNTING TODAY) — Time stands still for no one, not even accountants, and this year’s selections for the Top New Products of 2023 reflect this. In just a short time, we have seen major changes to the nature of the accounting profession, which have necessitated new solutions to capitalize on these opportunities.

As this year’s selection shows, this comes in the form of new business models that allow firms to do more with less; new educational opportunities for growing fields like ESG and CAS; new ways to provide actionable business advice through data visualization and performance analytics; new tools that provide big-firm capabilities in small-firm packages; and new tools to address the tax and compliance issues surrounding digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Some are based on cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Some provide new ways of thinking about old processes. And some leverage the power of data to produce real business insights for both clients and one’s own firm. But what they all have in common is a forward-looking mindset that aims to successfully meet the challenges that come with periods of rapid change. These are not tools aiming to preserve the past, but to create the future.


Employers everywhere complain about the tight labor market, but the problem is even worse in accounting, where the demand for highly skilled labor is skyrocketing in tandem with client demand for both new and traditional services. Now, firms can turn to AuditClub — at least if they’re looking to staff audit engagements. Billing itself as “auditors as a service,” it is a licensed accountancy corporation registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board that provides members with access to a range of audit personnel — including experienced chief auditors and crew — on a fractional basis. If you’re looking for help in audit and attest, quality control, regulatory matters, or training, the company offers varying levels of access through its weekly subscription passes.

About AuditClub

AuditClub is transforming how CPA firms and companies deliver audit and assurance services by turning their traditional staffing model upside down. A licensed accountancy corporation based in the United States and registered with the PCAOB, AuditClub provides on-demand AICPA and PCAOB audit and assurance support to top 10, regional and local CPA firms and companies throughout the United States via its subscription access model. AuditClub services include support for audit and assurance, quality control, regulatory matters, training and transformation. Learn more at

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