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CPA firms and companies of all sizes across the United States are transforming how they get stuff done by partnering with CPAClub for accounting, assurance, and tax solutions. Join the growing roster of members who are discovering the future of accounting, assurance and tax services.

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There are many benefits to partnering with CPAClub—we can get you through the busiest seasons of the year, help you work through complex situations, and even save your organization some money.

‘Tis the Training Season...

Two regional firms combined to create a Top 10 public accounting firm shortly before the start of the busy season. Prior to the merger, delivering an SEC update to a limited group of professionals within one state was easy. But once these two firms combined people and geographies, it became rather complex.

Busy Season Blues...

A local firm faced a critical shortage of resources right during the middle of the busy season. On top of this, significant six-figure audit opportunities continued to rain in from various sources. The firm was at capacity and could barely keep up with its existing clients, let alone entertain the idea of new clients.

Remediation Runway...

A PCAOB-registered firm underwent its triennial inspection by the PCAOB. Fast forward to the next year, the firm was now 10 months deep into its 12-month remediation period for its PCAOB quality control criticisms. With an initial response drafted but infrequent outreach with the PCAOB and limited actions undertaken, the firm was struggling.

Arpit Padhiar

We used EQR services of CPAClub for PCAOB audit engagements. Chris and Brian have been phenomenal in providing timely advise and right guidance encompassing learning throughout the process. Happy to continue working with them. High recommend exploring their services. Kudos!

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There’s strength in numbers. Our professionals-as-a-service model brings instant talent to fit your needs. Forget about investing time and effort to hire and train an unknown expensive partner, director, or manager or take a gamble on an unproven senior associate or staff. Our fractional CPAs bring extensive credentials, and our crew gives you a lifeline in a challenging talent market.

You’ll get strategic insights, delivery, and execution in key areas that matter to your public accounting firm or company.

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  • Instant Talent
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