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We take great pride in our concierge solutions and welcome your feedback and reviews of our transformative solutions for accounting, assurance and tax. Here’s what our members say about working with CPAClub.

Michael Pei

Arpit Padhiar

We used EQR services of CPAClub for PCAOB audit engagements. Chris and Brian have been phenomenal in providing timely advise and right guidance encompassing learning throughout the process. Happy to continue working with them. High recommend exploring their services. Kudos!

Erin Carter

Getting help from experienced individuals that have been vetted already. Sarah was wonderful. Helped us with work that is normally reserved for staff with less experience than her but was happy to help.

Marko Glisic

Melissa Kinter

We sent a question to CPAClub to help with a research question, and one of their Senior Chief Auditors provided very detailed and great examples for us on our topic . I was happy with his results. He even provided extra feedback on other items within the financial statements...I appreciate the level of effort and care that took to ask for follow up information, research, write up the email and provide examples.

Debra McCall

Sanity check that we were on the right track and help with a cold read and review of the financial statements to make sure we didn't miss anything.

Brian had great practical guidance on how we can beef up our documentation and be more specific in our risk assessments. They offer practical and helpful guidance and Brian is providing us input based on his experience with helping other firms deal with PCAOB audit remediation and what the PCAOB questions. I appreciate this input as it was more than what we were getting from our previous EQCR.

Robert Butler

Robert Armstrong

CPAClub is doing awesome things and leading the charge to make meaningful changes to the industry. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Marilyn Sawicki

We’ve enjoyed the extra help when short-staffed!

Timothy O’Malley

Melissa Kinter

One of CPAClub's Senior Crew did a great job drafting financials, considering we had to draft them from scratch. He was able to complete the task before the end of the week and he hit that goal.

Ed Weaver

Having an internal deadline and a dry run issuance is great for my peace of mind. Sarah and Brian were helpful and provided good commentary. Sarah provides careful and deliberate consideration of disclosure. This is a particularly complex engagement, and she found multiple areas that it could be improved; all of which made it past our internal team.

It is comforting to have someone to provide an independent review that is not available internally. Chris and Sarah were both there. I appreciate the candid feedback and experienced solutions.

Beatrice Key

Sarah is a joy to work with. She has made our first experience with CPAClub very easy. Chris has also been patient with us finally coming on board. We had met months ago but never get going until now.

Melissa Kinter

The CPAClub Senior Crew is very easy to talk to and he has a lot of background experience and has been going the extra mile to help get things done. His work quality is great and he is very supportive and happy to help figure out problems.

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